SC Lowy

We invest across liquid and illiquid non-investment grade credit markets with a focus on opportunistic corporate lending via a combination of draw down private credit vehicles and an opportunistic ex-US evergreen debt fund.  We focus on solid cash generating businesses and attain robust downside protection and prioritize capital preservation through senior secured risk collateralized by hard assets. Our investment strategies have consistently generated above market returns since inception in 2009.


Our approach focuses on underserved middle and upper-middle market corporates in Asia, the Middle East and Europe. Our strong and unique local presence, with dedicated teams spread across 9 offices, enables us to be nimble, specialized and allows us to leverage our best-in-class origination, research, operations, and legal capabilities to deliver the best outcomes for our investors.


The firm is led by Michel Lowy & Soo Cheon Lee, a seasoned duo that have been investing as a team for over 23 years across multiple cycles.

Local knowledge is essential. With 5 offices in Asia plus 3 others globally, we have on-the-ground presence unmatched by others.

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