SC Lowy

We are specialists in high yield, distressed, event driven and private structured credit.

We are a global banking and asset management group that has a proven track record of delivering unique fixed income solutions to its investors and clients.

Headquartered in Hong Kong since 2009, we have two business pillars that operate independently but complement each other, providing us with a unique infrastructure to access the most attractive credit opportunities globally.

The firm is led by Michel Lowy & Soo Cheon Lee, a seasoned duo that have been investing as a team for over 23 years across multiple cycles.

Local knowledge is essential. With 5 offices in Asia plus 3 others globally, we have on-the-ground presence unmatched by others.

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Asset Management

With a +14 year track record, SC Lowy manages capital with a core focus on investing in high-yield through distressed assets and private structured credit lending throughout Asia, Europe, CEMEA and Latin America.

Our investors, clients and team members appreciate our ability to respond to situations with agility, always underpinned by our extensive real-time coverage of global credit markets.

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Through our holding company, we acquired, restructured and recapitalized two highly regulated commercial banks. The first acquisition was Choeun Savings Bank in South Korea in 2014 and the second bank was Solution Bank, formerly known as Credito di Romagna, in Italy in 2018.

The banks are operated fully independently from our Asset Management business, but provide complementary resources and local knowledge across the firm.

Solution Bank

Choeun Savings Bank

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