Industries and markets in transition often translate into opportunities for our clients

Our dynamic approach to investing in credit markets, across a range of asset types, strategies and geographies, has allowed us to execute deals in complex situations with a focus on fundamental value and downside protection. We employ a highly rigorous, fundamental, value-based approach to credit investing that seeks to generate strong returns through active management and extensive research.

In order to capture these emerging opportunities, we perform extensive company and industry analysis before making any investment decisions.

We source and analyze investment opportunities in-house, creating the most advantageous structured transactions and risk-adjusted returns.

We review every investment uniquely with the eye of a distressed investor, thus allowing us to analyze downside risk early and creatively structure solutions.

We provide co-investment opportunities and form close partnerships with our investors and clients to access often illiquid markets. We listen and work closely with all partners in a transaction to ensure that it is a “win-win” situation for everyone involved.